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About Us

Furniture adds soul to a home décor. It is not merely utilitarian in its function, rather has an aesthetic value to it. Each generation has its own style of furniture which becomes reminiscent of its social structure. Furniture transcends time to become family heirloom for future generations. Chisel Arts, founded by renowned furniture designer, Amitabh Bachhawat, is a maker of fine hand-crafted furniture inspired by traditional designs with a modern sensibility.

Since 1985, we at Chisel Arts harbor a passion for furniture and strive to revive the charm and lost grace of hand-crafted furniture. Our ‘karigars’, who hail from remote areas in Bengal, possess an inimitable skill to carve wood into timeless pieces of furniture. Our extensive knowledge of various movements in furniture throughout history makes our collection rare and unique. William and Mary Style, Queen Anne Style, Regency and Art Deco style are the prevalent styles which influence or designs. We use ecologically harvested hardwoods such as West Indian Mahogany, Chickrasia, Black Siris and Teak, sourced from government auctions only. In this age of machine made-assembly line products, the furniture made by us is labouriously hand- crafted. Each piece is conceptualized by our designer and a full scale drawing is made. A prototype is made to finalize the templates before the actual production.

All our furniture is made using traditional joinery, where each piece of furniture is individually fitted and joined, giving the ensemble greater strength. All the intricate details are hand-carved, distinguishing it from assembly line furniture. Each piece of furniture is treated like a piece of art, with several long processes before it is finally ready. The wood is sanded properly to bring out its inner beauty and the stunning grain structure. We use water-based stains to stain the wood. The grains in the wood react with the stain to give the furniture a natural look. There is no obliteration or clouding to cover the original grains. In the final finish, we use natural organic ingredients such as shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol and apply it on the surface of the wood. We finally hand-rub the surface with oil to give a patina and protection which gains an exquisite sheen as it ages. With a vision and passion for furniture, Chisel Arts has reached a global clientele in the past 30 years. Chisel Arts furniture have found homes across Europe and USA. Furniture designed by Chisel Arts donned the sets of the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Chisel Arts brings to your homes an elegance and class which is reminiscent of the past yet incredibly modern in its conception.